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By using our document translation services you can be able to communicate with your target market efficiently. Ethiostar America is a translation company that can handle any kind of job, whether you need a technical paper translated or a marketing campaign localized. We work with various clients across a wide range of sectors to provide a professional and dependable translation service. Using our vetted network of industry-specialized linguists and best-in-class translation technology, we provide consistent and reliable african languages translation and localization services.

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Our Document Translation Services

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Expert Linguists

Linguists with



Translation Memory

We use Centralized,


translation memory

Certified Process

ISO 9001, ISO 17100,

ATC certifications plus

subject specific certificates

Document Attestation

We offer apostille


services on various documents

Glossary and Style guides

we create Terminology and

styles quides specific

to your industry

Technical Translations

Technical authoring services

that ensures health, work and

safety procedures are in place


Step 1 PreparationThis step involves analyzing the source text, identifying any potential issues or challenges, and preparing the necessary resources, such as translation memories or glossaries.
Step 2TranslationThe actual translation of the source text into the target language is performed by a qualified translator with expertise in the subject matter.
Step 3RevisionThe translation undergoes a thorough revision process by a second qualified linguist who meticulously examines its accuracy, completeness, and consistency with the source text.
Step 4ReviewDocuments requiring the expertise of a subject matter specialist will be carefully reviewed by a dedicated monolingual reviewer. Their role is to ensure that the target text harmoniously captures the language nuances, adheres to grammatical rules, and maintains optimal readability in the target language.
Step 5ProofreadingThe final translated document is proofread to ensure that there are no typographical errors or formatting issues.
Step 6Quality AssuranceQuality Assurance: The translation is subjected to a final quality assurance check to ensure that it meets the required quality standards and specifications.

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