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Ethiostar is powered by a team of passionate translators driven by a common pursuit of excellence. As a collective of dedicated professionals, we have established ourselves as leaders in the translation industry across sub-Saharan Africa. Embracing innovative and progressive technologies, we maintain the highest standards in our work. Utilizing cutting-edge quality assurance and project management tools, we ensure that our projects stay on schedule and consistently meet our clients' expectations. With ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 certifications, we are fully committed to delivering the utmost quality in translation and localization services to our valued clients.

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We offer a comprehensive range of language services to meet your global communication needs. With a team of expert translators and state-of-the-art technology, we provide accurate and culturally sensitive translations for all types of content. From document translation to website localization, we are committed to helping you connect with the world.
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We work with clients to support their goals of gaining access to Africa languages through our translation and localization services.

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Insight about Ethiostar


How a Bad Translation Started A War…

The Battle of Adwa was a major conflict in the late 19th century that pitted the Ethiopian Empire against the Kingdom of Italy.


Time to invest in translation so your business can grow in the digital world

With advent of cyber technology, no doubt you have noticed we are entering to multi-ethnic global lucrative market.


Things you should know about Medical Paper Translation

Medical translation is a translation service that helps people translate their medical documents into other languages. For example, Clinical trial results, pharmaceutical regulations, medical reports, and live interpretation.

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